Rodgers Sanjung Appearance Gerrard

Rodgers Sanjung Appearance Gerrard

Rodgers Sanjung Appearance Gerrard

London – Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard to be a lifesaver when they travel to Chelsea headquarters. Top performance, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers give flattery.

Liverpool reap a 1-1 draw when a visit to Stamford Bridge on Sunday (05/10/2015) evening hrs. They advance behind a John Terry header in the 5th minute, before Gerrard scored the equalizing goal in the 44th minute.

It finished second goal Gerrard in the last two games. Previously, he became the winner ‘The Red’ over Queens Park Rangers last week.

His goal against Chelsea last night not only saved Liverpool from defeat, but also slightly negative silence shouting host fans. Chelsea fans themselves on the process even applauded for Gerrard, who most likely will never encounter them again in the Premier League.

Gerrard had been decided to leave Liverpool at the end of the season to move to the United States League.

“I think he’s incredible. In the last few matches, he scored the winner, and today he made the equalizing goal position,” Rodgers told the club’s official website.

“You see how important he is to the team. He has a lot of get uncomfortable welcome here for years.”

“But I think the Chelsea fans know in their hearts, that it was only because he is a super star player who has become a thorn in their flesh for many years. He has traveled the country for 15 years, and fun for him to get it ( standing ovation), “he added.

Gerrard departure to Los Angeles Galaxy after the season finished clearly left a hole in the team. Rodgers admits it.

“I’ve said this before: He’s irreplaceable, really. But we need to find solutions somehow,” he continued.

“Whether there are players who are brought here, or the players here who take over its role. It will be crucial, because he is a player who made a great contribution when needed and doing it for years,” the manager of 42 years.