The balance of the Middle Line Will Be Key Arsenal Chelsea Now Face

The balance of the Middle Line Will Be Key Arsenal Chelsea Now Face

The balance of the Middle Line Will Be Key Arsenal Chelsea Now Face

London – How to mix the right balance in midfield assessed will be the key for Arsenal when dealing with Chelsea in the Premier League party this weekend.

The Gunners have never again able to beat the Blues since October 2011, a bad record has definitely want to immediately terminated by Arsenal. The closest opportunity comes at home to Chelsea on Sunday (26/04/2015).

For a game that Martin Keown, Arsenal defender 1993-2004 period, suggesting that Arsene Wenger remains in his own style that has proven successful enough to lead his team to a second place in the standings behind Chelsea.

“Arsene Wenger rarely play two defensive midfielders simultaneously, in midfield he likes to apply creativity,” said Keown told Sky Sports News and quoted by the London Evening Standard.

“It’s actually become a bit of a weakness Chelsea this season. Cesc Fabregas has played that role for them and Nemanja Matic also have played it. So just how to find the right balance in midfield.

“I think Arsenal will try to press Chelsea and Chelsea might put an extra midfielder in this line. Jose Mourinho is usually searching for tactics to quell fighting game and Wenger is likely to remain in his own style,” said the man who is now the football analyst.

Arsenal is now 10 points adrift of Chelsea with six games left of the season again. Mathematically it is still likely to overtake Arsenal Chelsea despite Keown was not too sure it will happen.

“Chelsea has become a scourge for Arsenal and I can not remember the last time Arsenal beat them. Chelsea will be champions who deserve because they have a good balance in the team and Eden Hazard has become a prominent player in the league this season,” said winning three Premier League titles with Arsenal it.

“There is a freshness of its own with Arsenal and Chelsea will want to still be able to maintain an edge over Arsenal because I feel they (Arsenal) could be a serious contender next season. This season there is greater confidence in Arsenal, no internal competition, and I think the Arsenal players do not wait to face Chelsea, “said Keown.