Rodgers, Note Poor Aged 56 Years, and shadows Klopp at Anfield

Rodgers, Note Poor Aged 56 Years, and shadows Klopp at Anfield

Rodgers, Note Poor Aged 56 Years, and shadows Klopp at Anfield

Liverpool – Removal of Liverpool in the FA Cup helped make Brendan Rodgers equaling a bad record 56 years ago. His future at Anfield are now increasingly speculated.

May 30, the front should be a special day for the Reds. That date was already glimpsed-lyrics for being a FA Cup final match at the same birthday captain, Steven Gerrard. The plan is Liverpool became champions at Wembley and present it as a parting gift for Gerrard, who will move at the end of the season.

However, those plans were dashed line 1-2 defeat of Aston Villa in the semi-final at Wembley on Sunday (20/04/2015) night. Where previously targeted brings sweet story changed bring disappointment.

“For some reason we had to appear nervous. Maybe when you too want something, it confuses the mind,” Rodgers said as quoted by the BBC.

These results add to a row of failure to Liverpool in the title chase this season. Previous ‘The Red’ has been eliminated in the semi-finals of the League Cup and ran aground in the group phase of the Champions League to go down to the level of the Europa League, and then lift the suitcase also in the last 32.

While in the Premier League, Liverpool as the runner-up last season today even still scattered in the top five alias outside the Champions League zone. New has 57 points from 32 games, the opportunity is lost because the champion stood at Anfield Gank maximum is 75 points only, still below the 76 points that are now collected by the standings while Chelsea.

As a manager, Rodgers no doubt be under the spotlight. Moreover, since continuing managerial relay of Kenny Dalglish in the summer of 2012, 42-year-old man has not given a trophy for Liverpool.

“Brendan Rodgers is the first manager of Liverpool after Phil Taylor in 1956-59 that could not win a trophy in his first three seasons,” wrote the Daily Mail.

The sudden rise in bad records that must be experienced again by Liverpool after more than half a century – exactly 56 years – seems to have made a number of supporters ‘The Red’ hot.

“The Liverpool fans asked for dismissal Brendan Rodgers on Twitter after the Reds knocked out of the FA Cup,” according to an article in the Mirror, citing a number of nudge contains the theme.

With the confirmation that Juergen Klopp will resign from the position as peracik tactics German club Borussia Dortmund, there are also hope to discourse replaces Rodgers by Klopp.

“The Liverpool fans asked Brendan Rodgers to get fired and replaced Juergen Klopp,” said an article in the Metro.

“The Kop and Klopp – Will It Be True Love or A Marriage Convenience?” write Bobby McMahon, a contributor to Forbes.

Name Klopp also be one of the candidates in a special betting at Paddy Power gambling house on Liverpool manager candidates. Klopp was in the ranks second with Frank De Boer, only losing to Rafael Benitez and Andre Villas-Boas. However, in other exchanges gambling houses at precisely placed Klopp name at the top to become manager of Manchester City next season. Liverpool only in fifth position in the stock, titled “Club Permanent Next to Juergen Klopp” is.

Regardless, Liverpool now have six games left to try to save the season – to qualify for the Champions League. Failure to do so could be a negative impact for Rodgers, whether it’s making the chair he was sitting on getting hot or even no longer sitting in the chair at all.

“Now we must try to finish in the top four of the Premier League, in this extraordinary club is an obligation to fight to the end,” said Rodgers at the BBC.

One thing is for sure Phil Taylor, who recently repeated negative note Rodgers current, resigned in the middle of his fourth season at Liverpool, precisely on November 17, 1959. He was replaced by Bill Shankly, who then transformed so legendary Liverpool manager.