Ramsey: Chelsea Will Be Worth Champion

Ramsey: Chelsea Will Be Worth Champion

Ramsey: Chelsea Will Be Worth Champion

London – Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey admits openly that rivals Chelsea, really deserve the Premier League title this season. The Blues calls have become a team that terkonsisten.

Ramsey statement was disclosed after he and Arsenal Chelsea to a goalless draw at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (26/04/2015) pm last night. The result leaves the Gunners failed to attenuate the distance with Chelsea which also would be a little narrow street rivals for the championship.

The draw left Chelsea still firmly at the top of the standings with a score of 77 out of 33 weeks. They are 10 points ahead of Manchester City (34 games) and Arsenal (33 matches) were successively follow.

With the difference, now the team Jose Mourinho living requires only two wins or six points for the championship. Chances are very open for the next two opponents fairly lightly, namely Leicester City and Crystal Palace. Moreover, if calculated, Chelsea have so far had a win percentage of nearly 70 percent and only 30% chance to lose the full amount.

From 33 weeks, Chelsea only two defeats and balanced in eight other games. They also become the most difficult team burglarized along with new Southampton conceded 26 times. Asked if Chelsea deserve to be champions, Ramsey was agreed.

“I think so. If that is the question, and they eventually won, they only lost twice this season, so consistency is the best and that is what you need. They clearly had become the best team in the league,” he said on the club’s official website.

Along confession was Ramsey also stated that his team’s chances to catch up in the remaining four weeks are very difficult, despite mathematical calculations possible. However, he was quite satisfied with his team’s performance this season.

Opportunity to finish runner-up wide open because although currently collecting points with City, they have one more fight left. Arsene Wenger’s landing team also had a chance to close the season with the FA Cup, which will be contested by Aston Villa.

“It would be quite difficult for Chelsea lose the points that we need to get to the top. The position of the two may clearly an outgrowth of last season and after several seasons in which we fight for fourth place. We were also in the FA Cup final so it may be practically This is a development of the last season, “said Ramsey.

Last season Arsenal finished fourth in the Premier League and FA Cup winners, ending the nine-season title fasting.