Moratti denies Will Take Lgi Inter from Erick Thohir

Moratti denies Will Take Lgi Inter from Erick Thohir

Moratti denies Will Take Lgi Inter from Erick Thohir

MIlan – In the middle rate of less okay Inter Milan, came the shocking news when Massimo Moratti will buy back the club. But, the man who became president Beneamata for 18 years was denied.

Mid-October 2013, Erick Thohir officially became majority owner of Inter Milan. Believed, a businessman from Indonesia that have up to 70% stake in the Italian club.

Moratti as president since 1995 to a minority owner, only 28.3%. The day before the official Inter belong Thohir, news emerged when Moratti asked her lawyer to make a buyback clause when dealing with Thohir.

The clause applies if the new owner does not fulfill the promise of investing, namely the purchase of players, until the end of the 2014/2015 season. Investment players that need to be done to keep the Inter can achieve.

After the two sides signed the agreement, the option was never discussed again. Thohir and equally Moratti did not elaborate further about the clause. In a way, Thohir buy some players and bring Roberto Mancini in an effort to boost the performance of the team.

Now, about 18 months after the official Thohir become majority owner of the rumors Moratti would buy back the club. Even medium La Gazzetta dello Sport Italy call if Moratti has been talking to the former club president Ernesto Pellegrini and CEO of Pirelli Marco Tronchetti Provera to support her move it. Could be, rumors are growing fast with Inter rate so far that still exist in the ninth on board Serie A.

Moratti denied the news. He has not intend to buy back the Nerazzurri.

“I support Erick Thohir. I hope he took a step that is okay and his current condition is good, worth the struggle that has been done,” said Moratti told Football Italia.

“Nothing is true about these rumors. I’m probably going to miss this team as a supporter, and I think Erick Thohir enjoy this period. There’s no chance I have of the club again,” said the 69-year-old man.