Receive Red Card, Di Maria Criticized

Receive Red Card, Di Maria Criticized

Receive Red Card, Di Maria Criticized

Manchester – Louis van Gaal frustrated after Angel Di Maria was red-carded when Manchester United kicked out Arsenal in the FA Cup quarterfinals. Van Gaal deplore the actions taken his players.

In front of their own supporters at Old Trafford, Manchester United were knocked out after defeated 1-2 in a match this morning. After balanced 1-1 until halftime, Danny Welbeck scored goals against his former club Arsenal is to pass to the semifinals.

‘Red Devils’ own finished the game with 10 players. Di Maria was expelled from the game after referee Michael Oliver interesting jerseys to protest his first yellow card in which he considered diving.

With the left position and the less number of players, Manchester United became more difficult to catch up. “I’ve talked to him, he knows my opinion but I also have to look at the videotape,” said Van Gaal Mirror quoted.

“I think he touched the referee and was banned in every country. So he could not argue anymore. Di Maria knew she should not touch the referee, it was not a smart move from him. Every player knows it,” he gushes.

“I already told Di Maria that the referee is the boss on the field and you have to adapt to it – not vice versa.”

“But to control emotions is not easy in a game like that and I know in this kind of game is given a red card,” said Van Gaal.