Being less Okay, Bale Called Save Energy for Wales national team

Being less Okay, Bale Called Save Energy for Wales national team

Being less Okay, Bale Called Save Energy for Wales national team

Jerusalem – look less okay Gareth Bale makes criticized exhausted lately. There are currently assessing Bale does not prioritize Real Madrid, but to save energy for the Wales national team.

After okenya appearance early in the season, which continue the positive trend in the final third of last season, the recent decline Bale appearance that can not be said to be very bad.

Just look at the last of the nine games he made just one assist and no make a goal. Naturally, if then a lot of fans who began disappointed with his performance and make the target scorn.

Along with the declining performance of Bale, Madrid had already lost five times since the turn of the year and make them lose top spot. In addition to Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema also decreased drastically.

Problem why Bale appear as bad as this, Israel coach Eli Guttman, had his own views. Guttman said that Bale is more focused on the Wales national team than Madrid. Bale himself assessed is preparing his best performances for Wales, after all this time is considered half-hearted appeared for his country.

Moreover Wales later this month will deal with Israel in Haifa in advanced European Cup Qualification 2016, which is so crucial for the ticket to qualify for the finals in France. Wales is in second place with eight points from four games, losing one point of Israel at the top of the three games.

“I think Bale save his strength for the national team,” Guttman said as quoted by Soccernet.

“Just look at the game with the national team, enthusiasm and level of commitment, unlike when he played for Real Madrid,” he continued.

“When there are those who are injured players (George Williams, who has been sidelined six months because of knee surgery), Bale is the first time nge-twit ‘get well soon’.”

“They’re just like us, they are a solid team, but Bale was a player who gives balance to them,” completion.