U-23 Beat Malaysia 1-0, Aji: Existing Enhanced Games

U-23 Beat Malaysia 1-0, Aji: Existing Enhanced Games

U-23 Beat Malaysia 1-0, Aji: Existing Enhanced Games

Sidoarjo – Indonesia U-23 national team successful victory in the third test match at the Stadium Delta Sidoarjo, Sidoarjo, Tuesday (17/2). Facing Malaysia U-23 team made it Aji Santoso won 1-0.

U-23 since the beginning of pressing. Through Evan Dimas Darmono and Paulo Sitanggang that operate in midfield, several times Indonesia releasing long passes forward. However, these efforts have not been able to be maximized by Antoni Putro Nugroho on the front lines.

In the 21st minute, Evan get an opportunity through a flick from close range. However, goalkeeper Malaysia, M. Ilham Amirullah, still can menghalaunya.

Despite continued pressure, Indonesia several times wrong doing operands. Significantly, the attack is often hampered. They can only find the net Malaysia as the game entered the 36th minute.

Starting from the feed side released by Mahdi Fahri Albar, the ball was met by Ilham Udin Armyn with a header. The ball is headed by Ilham Udin then fall down the track Paulo Sitanggang, which directly solve the flat kick.

Towards the end of the first half, both teams tend to decrease the tempo of the game. 1-0 score lasted until halftime.

Indonesia continued to press in the second half. It makes players behind Malaysia appear hard. Impact, frequent violations in defense of Malaysia.

In the second half, coach Aji Santoso do some substitutions. However, the game Indonesia instead become monotonous and some errors created.

In the 75th minute, Hendra Bayau fired very hard after getting a pass from Anthony Putro Nugroho. However, the ball hit the head of one of the players behind Malaysia so chances are he may even fail. A minute later, turn Hansamu Yama who get the chance. However, his shot from inside the penalty box leads right into the keeper.

In the 84th minute, defender Indonesia, Zaenuri, almost an own goal after trying to block the ball free kick Malaaysia players. Lucky for him, his header sideways to the left of the goal.

The best opportunities Indonesia occurred at minute 85 and 86. The first opportunity came from Henry Febriyanto kick against the crossbar. Mental ball then kicked Christopher Sibi, but can be blocked by goalkeeper Malaysia.

Opportunities unfinished. Ball by goalkeeper Malaysia was struck by Hendra Bayau. However, Hendra still misses the kick. 1-0 score lasted until finally the long whistle sounded.

“Alhamdulillah trials in Sidoarjo Last post wins. The game the children had a very nice, can play loose, because the Malaysian national team has just won the championship in Bangladesh,” Aji said after the game.

Aji judge that the game of foster children has increased. Previously, the U-23 drew 1-1 and lost 0-3 to Syria in two test matches in GOR Delta Sidoarjo.

“In my opinion, it touches these children had increased very nice. After this trial will be conducted reform-reform antarlini to face the Asian Cup qualifying event later, only the transition is still not good, especially finishing towards the opposing goal,” said Aji.