Restored injury, Alexis believed Jump Shining Again

Restored injury, Alexis believed Jump Shining Again

Restored injury, Alexis believed Jump Shining Again

Jakarta – After recovering from injury, Alexis Sanchez will again perform with Arsenal in the Premier League. Team manager Arsene Wenger optimistic power knocked the Gunners will be sharper.

Joined Arsenal in the summer transfer last year, Alexis immediately tuned. In fact, Chile’s international players into the team’s main goal machine.

Playing for 1,831 minutes in 22 games in the Premier League, Alexis struck 12 goals and seven assists. Achievement that made him top scorer for Arsenal this season.

But, the condition of Alexis had declined. He became vulnerable injury since December. Coming from a hamstring injury, Alexis then suffered a knee problem.

Wenger try lowering Alexis when Arsenal face Middlesbrough in the FA Cup fifth round of February 15, even though the player has not fully recovered. Immediate appearance okay although not make goals None. Playing for 70 minutes he made 74 and the ball touches the bait to 84 percent accuracy.

Reflecting on mudhanya Alexis adapt in the first season, Wenger optimistic Alexis is also not difficult to fit after injury. Alexis comeback when Arsenal visit to Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Saturday (02/21/2015) night.

“Alexis has played in Italy, also Spain. Penalaman it certainly helps. What is interesting is that the move is a reward for what he really wants,” said Wenger told the Daily Star.

“Alexis has little choice and he chose us because he knows where we are heading. Sometimes players move to a club and it’s not really he wants. For the case of Alexis, I think he really wanted to be here.

“On the field, he has what he wants. I feel he came to a team that put him in the best position, as a striker. So, he can express talents. So far that option went very well and help the team,” he explained.

Currently, Arsenal really need a victory. They are not safe in the fourth position as a safety zone of the Champions League. Arsenal are still in fifth place of the standings with a collection of board 45, a point behind Southampton (46 points).