The Reds Wary of Potential Terror of Harry Kane

The Reds Wary of Potential Terror of Harry Kane

The Reds Wary of Potential Terror of Harry Kane

Liverpool – Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane is now become a byword. Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel also thinks that Kane would be a major threat for his team at home to Spurs in midweek.

In the last 14 games Kane already packed 11 goals, including two goals each in the last two games to make the England Under-21 player has scored a total of 22 goals this season.

Lodging in the Premier League, Kane so far has had 12 goals. The numbers are even more of a blend of the number of goals Steven Gerrard and Raheem Sterling, Liverpool’s top scorer, who so far each new one makes five goals.

However, who will play at Anfield on Wednesday (02/11/2015) pm dawn, was the Reds with The Lily Whites and instead of mere individuals. Currently both teams just four points, with the Spurs in five positions and Liverpool in seventh position.

“He is good-good, scoring goals, and we must pay attention,” said Skrtel about Kane, as quoted

“But it’s not just him, Tottenham are also good as the unity of the team. They’ve been playing better than ever before so we must be ready for them,” he said.

Of the five matches in the Premier League since the turn of the year, the Spurs were able to win four of them with the other games ended in defeat. Victories that include a tough team won over Chelsea (5-3) and Arsenal (2-1).

While Liverpool, from five matches in the Premier League in 2015, even unbeaten with a record of three wins and two draws. In the event that the last four games of the goal ‘The Red’ even always not conceded.

“We actually just focus on yourself and show our own game to try to reach three figures. We are pleased with our record of not conceding because from the beginning of the season there are a lot of criticism for the defense,” said Skrtel.

“I’m glad we have to improve that record in the last few games and we make a lot of clean sheets. I think of the game open this year we’ve conceded in the game, so it was very good. We have to continue.

“We (the defender) are trying to do our job and help the team. I’ve repeatedly said that survived not only the task of a defender, but the whole team. We’ve done better,” he said.

Given the current position of Liverpool and Spurs would seek to enliven the competition for the top four for the opportunity to get tickets for the Champions League. That’s why the game will undoubtedly be very tight.

“We are not far away and we face Tottenham and then (the top three teams) Southampton are also in this month – it is the parties to face opponents who are also chasing the big four. So this will be crucial. But we do not want to think too much, only think of one after the game, trying to scoop up as many points, and maintain confidence can finish top four, “explained Skrtel.