Madrid supporters cheered, Ancelotti: It’s Normal

Madrid supporters cheered, Ancelotti: It’s Normal

Madrid supporters cheered, Ancelotti: It's Normal

Madrid – Before starting the game host Deportivo La Coruna, Real Madrid can not warm welcome from his own supporters. According to Carlo Ancelotti was a natural thing related to a major defeat in the previous game.

Cheers from a group of supporters of Madrid was heard before kick-off at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday (02/15/2015) pm dawn. Quoted from the US, when the starting line-up was introduced, Iker Casillas and Ancelotti are two figures that can be the most boisterous cheers.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who sparked controversy with his birthday party, it can be mixed reactions. There are meyoraki, although the sound is not muted applause when his name was introduced.

Cheers was called Ancelotti as a natural thing after Madrid were defeated 0-4 in a visit to Atletico Madrid last week.

“Tweets directed at me or this team is a normal thing. It makes you frustrated when they lost 0-4. All should understand this, it is important to win and get support,” Ancelotti said after the game.

“We have to thank the fans. It is difficult to continue to provide support when defeat comes,” he continued in the US.

Casillas become one of the most players ‘attacked’ on that occasion because he is considered a blunder at Atletico.

“Whistle on Casillas? As usual, in the beginning it was so, but then they disappeared and then switch to the applause of what the team achieved this (win),” completion.