Increasingly Expensive Broadcasting Right Price Premier League

Increasingly Expensive Broadcasting Right Price Premier League

Increasingly Expensive Broadcasting Right Price Premier League

London – This is what makes the Premier League as the most tajir football competition in the world. Why, selling broadcast rights value of this competition continues to soar.

From the results of the auction sale of broadcasting rights for Premier League announced on Thursday (02/12/2015) yesterday, reached a record worth 5.136 billion pounds, or nearly $ 100 billion, which was won by Sky and BT Sport. The contract is valid for three seasons, from the season 2016/2017 – specifically for the region United Kingdom (United Kingdom).

From 7 offers package, Sky took 5 of them and pay 4.2 billion pounds (Rp 82 trillion). From a total of 168 games, they receive rations direct broadcast 126 games, including “Super Sunday” on Sunday afternoon.

Sky will also broadcast the matches on Saturday and Sunday, which was held at lunch time (lunchtime games), as well as the party on Monday and Friday nights.

While rival, BT Sport, paid 960 million pounds (US $ 18 billion) to take the other two packages. Ration live broadcast for them amounted to 42 games – up from just 38 game–, including those that take place in the middle of the week (midweek). They replace the slot game on Saturday afternoon with rations Saturday night.

Increasingly expensive Premier League broadcasting rights values that can be seen from the level of increase, ie 71% of the previous deal, from 2013 to 2016, which was also won by the second group of the giant broadcaster in 2012.

Compared with the previous, this year Sky will have to pay 83% greater, while BT payments rose 18%. Per season Sky will issue 1.39 billion pounds, while BT 320 million pounds. Averaged, Premier League broadcasting worth 10.19 million pounds, or approximately USD 200 billion per game.

Sky and BT touted insanely brave to spend capital for it because they get competition from two other giants groups, namely Eurosport (owned by Discovery) and rich company of Qatar, beIN Sports.

In addition to the package to Sky and BT, the Premier League also successfully sold to the BBC highlights package worth 204 million pounds (US $ 4 billion). That does not include mobile and other digital package that also would be worth “well”.