Sturridge Liverpool Sure Can Make Better Again

Sturridge Liverpool Sure Can Make Better Again

Sturridge Liverpool Sure Can Make Better Again

Liverpool – The legs of Daniel Sturridge was itching to feel the green grass football pitch. Sturridge was sure can give a positive effect to the squad after a long injury.

Sturridge has been five months not playing for Liverpool as a series of injuries to the calf and thigh. The absence Sturridge also influences the performance of the Reds.

Liverpool struggled in the league and were knocked out of the Champions League, before returning to improve his performance in the past month.

What happened during his absence undoubtedly been making Sturridge upset, considering he was only able to watch the action team of the television screen. Not only that he had to see how Steven Gerrard et al. had experienced a negative trend that makes future Brendan Rodgers speculated.

Sturridge has now been almost fully recovered from the injury and return to normal practice with his colleagues at Melwood. The plan Sturridge will be able to play this weekend when they host West Ham United at Anfield.

Do not know yet whether he will be a starter or substitute, but certainly Sturridge already can not wait to play and have a positive effect on the team.

Moreover, Liverpool need to be able to sharpen Sturridge attacked line, after three other new Liverpool striker makes a total of three goals in the Premier League.

“Watching the team play I feel I have a lot of help and see what I can do to enrich the dimensions of this team. We’ve played very well so far and I am very curious – curious about the future of this team,” said Sturridge told Sky Sports.

“I feel very good, can not wait to be back playing and helping teammates,” he continued.

“I do not like too much to watch the game, but I have to malkukan it. I always watch every game while in the US – I always wake up early in the morning, sometimes also at 4 am, depending on where I am and game time.”

“I always wake up early and important for me to see how the team played, formation, and the style of play of the new players. It’s good for me to see the team from the outside. Usually you will have difficulty if you are involved in it and you can not see what the actually happened, so I’m satisfied to see everything, “said he.