Relationship Ronaldo & Bale fine

Relationship Ronaldo & Bale fine

Relationship Ronaldo & Bale fine

Madrid Early years were not good for Real Madrid is also accompanied by the warming of relations issues Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. It was denied Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti, who insists the dressing room atmosphere is fine.

After ending 2014 with a 22-game winning streak, Madrid started the year with wilted step after two successive defeats in the league of Valencia and Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

Two defeats coupled also with some rumors that mention Madrid dressing room atmosphere begins to heat up when Bale, considered too individualistic lately and dragged the name Ronaldo in it.

Ronaldo called unhappy with Bale playing selfish lately. Like when they lost to Valencia, Bale actually have a chance to pass to Karim Benzema in the middle innings. But the Welsh players that choose to execute its own and failed to be scored.

The incident was repeated again when madrid 3-0 win over Espanyol at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday (10/1) night before, precisely in the 72nd minute.

Ronaldo in a free position faced with an empty goal. He was already screaming for the ball from Bale is being dribbled entering the penalty box.

But Bale decided immediately kicked when faced with Kiko Casilla. The Result? Ronaldo shot wide and looks very annoyed with the action of his teammate.

Bale himself, yet make a goal in the game contra Espanyol, but he received less friendly than Madrid fans who cheered throughout the game. Spanish media Bale was dubbed as ball hog“, a term in the sport of basketball for players who never wanted to pass.

Meanwhile Ronaldo who makes the first goal assists for James Rodriguez is now topped the assists list, ie 9 in addition to the list of scorers with 26 goals.

Fans want him to pass to Cristiano, but most of the attackers definitely want to score when they are faced with the goalkeeper,” said Ancelotti while trying to cool the issue is not akurnya Ronaldo and Bale.

To share it is very important and we will certainly discuss if there is a player who is being selfish,” he continued.

Supporters were very demanding when dealing with players and Bale is one of them.”

We should not need to exaggerate this. It’s just part of football.”

The relationship between them (Bale and Ronaldo) also with other very good players. We all had the same goal which is to bring Real Madrid achieving as high as possible,” said the Italian coach as reported by Reuters.