Odegaard: Love Liverpool, seen by Bayern, Anchored in Madrid

Odegaard: Love Liverpool, seen by Bayern, Anchored in Madrid

Odegaard: Love Liverpool, seen by Bayern, Anchored in Madrid

Madrid Born in Drammen, Norway, Martin Odegaard grow by making Liverpool as a club favorite. However, who would have thought if he eventually joined Real Madrid.

Odegaard would love for Liverpool it carries through cyberspace. Each time playing with friends in games of FIFA 15, Odegaard always make the port city club as his choice.

When Odegaard wonderkid sticking as one of the most sought after in Europe, Liverpool joined with several other big clubs for hunting. Last November, Liverpool rumored to have offered a trial for him.

But, Odegaard and Liverpool are not paired. Aware that many clubs after him, Odegaard, accompanied by his father, Hans Erik, choose to wander. He moved from one club to another to undergo training with their first team.

Starting from Liverpool, Odegaard reportedly trained with Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, until finally trained with Madrid. Clubs are indeed interested Odegaard.

Bayern had to be bid as 16-year-old boy was practicing with them. However, in the end Odegaard rejected the offer of the German giants.

In recent weeks, Odegaard looks are getting close to Madrid. In addition to training with the first team, he’s also been spotted in the stands to watch Madrid play.

During training with Madrid, Odegaard also had a conversation with Cristiano Ronaldo. In one occasion, Ronaldo reportedly giving advice to Odegaard.

In the next few years, running golku will stop. Tugasmulah to continue,” said Ronaldo to Odegaard.

Odegaard now officially belongs to Madrid. He will not go straight into the first team, but will play for Real Madrid Castilla first.

Given the frenetic that it generates quite large, attractive to look forward whether Odegaard will turn into a major player as he had predicted.