Messi On Fire Have Great record with Atletico

Messi On Fire Have Great record with Atletico

Messi On Fire Have Great record with Atletico

Jakarta Lionel Messi who is hot’ now staring at Atletico Madrid who came to visit Camp Nou. Messi could become a nightmare Atletico again, as he had made three hat-trick for the Spanish capital club.

Messi and Barcelona will host Atletico in the first leg of the last eight of the Copa del Rey on Thursday (22/01/2015) pm dawn later. Pertandinganm is just three days from the Catalans a 4-0 win over Deportivo La Coruna in La Liga.

From the 4-0 victory, Messi became a star with three goals made. It became a hat-trick made number 25 in the uniform Messi Barcelona. If combined with a match in which he made more than three goals, then the number has reached 30.

Of the 25 who made a hat-trick Messi, three of which were made into the goal Atletico Madrid. It happened in La Liga 2011/2012 season (5-0), the 2010/2011 season (3-0) and the Copa del Rey 2008/2009 (3-1).

Quoted from Marca, Atletico are one of three clubs where Messi managed to record three hat-trick. Two other clubs are already three times tricked with a hat-trick Messi is Osasuna and Valencia. In total, there are 19 clubs who have felt Messi hat-trick.

Opportunities Messi scored a hattrick against Atletico tonight considered small because the visitors are far more competitive than four or five years ago. Just look at the two teams last season, which was born five draws from six meetings.

If a hat-trick are difficult to make, Messi still can be a nightmare Atletico as he performed very well when the two teams meet in the same place 10 days ago. When it’s in the Champions league, messi make one goal and into the motor the win with a score of 3-1.

In early 2015 Messi was like finding another magical. In the last three games he scored five goals and three assists mengreasikan.