Messi Barca Jamin Will Remain in the Year Ahead

Messi Barca Jamin Will Remain in the Year Ahead

Messi Barca Jamin Will Remain in the Year Ahead

Zurich Later future of Lionel Messi at Barcelona were crowded speculated. Recognition latest Argentine football superstar is now undoubtedly increasingly fueled the fires of speculation.

Speculation future Messi blows along the news that relationship is no longer in harmony with Barca tactician Luis Enrique. At one point Messi was even reportedly gave an ultimatum to the Blaugrana, picking himself or Enrique.

The emergence of rumors that followed by the presence of a number of names of top European clubs are touted ready to contain it. There are also rumors stating that the father Messi even have to communicate with Manchester City and Chelsea.

In the process Messi is already spoke denied rift with Enrique, and his father, who is reported to have open communication with other clubs. But it seems not to be dashed rumors just listening newest comments.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen, whether I will return to Newell‘s,” said Messi in ceremonies FIFA Ballon d’Or 2014, when asked if he would come back grazing in Argentina in the future.

I’m not sure which would be in the next year. In the world of football many things changed in one night,” he said as quoted by Eurosport.

I always said I would end my career at Barcelona, but as Cristiano (Ronaldo) said, only God knows about the future,” said Messi mention one of its competitors in the race for the Ballon d’Or 2014.