Her grim Diego Costa’s

Her grim Diego Costa’s

Her grim Diego Costa's

London – Regulated big and burly, sharp eyes, and insisted on the field. Diego Costa has all the looks to intimidate the opponent. Moreover, he is sometimes out of control, the sangarlah.

If an attacker measured kesangaran of his goals, then Costa is very deserving of that title. 17 goals from 19 appearances in the Premier League so a proof of valid, plus two assists contributed. That is, for 19 times the play that he contributed directly to the goals of his team.

But not only bring havoc to the defense teams of his opponent, he also had a frightening image in the real sense. 26-year-old attacker did not hesitate to duel, there brewed brewed here, also provokes an opposing player. Rude, that’s the inherent image in figure blooded Brazilian player since I was playing at Atletico Madrid.

Hard character is not separated from childhood Costa who live in distress. He grew as a player in the game tertempat streets, accustomed to seeing the players elbow each other to each other.

“On the field, I fight with anyone, I could not control myself. I insult everyone. I do not have respect for the opponent, I even think I have to kill them,” he told El Pais in 2012 ago.

“Children who grow up playing in the academy are taught to control themselves and respect others, but no one had ever told me otherwise.”

“I do not have a school to teach it. I used to see the players each elbow each other in the face and I think it’s normal,” he concluded.

Hard character was ultimately more pronounced when he strengthens Atletico. Atletico less is the image of Costa in the form of team: tough, powerful, and justifies physical encounters. In fact, both Costa and Atletico success with this style. They won the Spanish League and almost won the Champions League, but in the end had to settle for runner-up. In that season, Costa scored a total of 36 goals from 51 matches.

Costa and Atletico eventually parted ways. Spanish national team player to join Chelsea. In the first game in the Premier League, he immediately contributed a goal. Sharpness is not decreased, but so did the character.

It only took 30 minutes for him to get the first yellow card in the Premier League. Until now eight yellow cards received from 27 appearances in semuan event. Throughout his career, he recorded has collected 96 yellow cards, four red cards for getting two yellow cards in advance, and four straight red card of 299 matches.

He was lucky not to add to the collection of red cards as Chelsea face Liverpool in the semi-final second leg of the League Cup on Wednesday (28/01/2015) pm dawn earlier. Twice he stepped on the foot of the opponent, two times to escape from the eyes of the referee.

First, he stepped foot Emre Can during a duel in a field near the edge of the line. The incident sparked Can emotions, so it was hot before being tranquilized. Next he also did quite similar when engaging struggle for the ball with Martin Skrtel. However, this second incident is more visible than the first accidental.

The Costa behavior did not go unnoticed by analysts Sky Sports, Thierry Henry. Henry calls Costa act beyond the limits and should sent off.

“You can see clearly that he intends to do so,” said Henry told Sky Sports.

“I love the mastery of the ball, I like aggression, but he went too far in there,” he added.

“I think it should be red carded but the referee did not see it, the linesman did not see it, and the fourth official did not see it,” said the former Arsenal striker.