Destroy Managerial Structure, Aims Barcelona Trio City

Destroy Managerial Structure, Aims Barcelona Trio City

Destroy Managerial Structure, Aims Barcelona Trio City

Barcelona Barcelona turmoil Lionel Messi following a dispute with Luis Enrique and dismissal Andoni Zubizarreta. Major changes will be made in the arrangement reportedly managerial this summer, with a trio of shots directed at Manchester City.

Rumors do not akurnya Messi relationship with Enrique blowing very strong in the past week. Some media in Spain call disharmony is actually not as decisions both Enrique backing Messi in a match with Real Socieadad, relationship coach and players were called was cracked since the beginning of the season.

It then leads to another issue about the future of Messi. Because Instagram account to follow Chelsea, the Argentine superstar was then rumored to be moving to Stamford Bridge. Barcelona officials were faced with a choice as to maintain Messi or Enrique.

The answer to that question is clear: Messi. That’s why Enrique believed would only survive in the Camp Nou until the end of this season alone. Coincided with the club‘s presidential election accelerated this summer, Barcelona will undergo a major refurbishment in managerial arrangement.

The Catalans certainly will have a new president in this year. As for a replacement for Enrique, the name that appears is Manuel Pellegrini. Chilean man was so ideal choice for Barca. In addition to proven successfully refine the Citizens, Pellegrini very familiar with the Spanish league since he was nine years of his career there with Villarrea, Real Madrid and Malaga.

Not just Pellegrini who want to be taken from the City. To replace Andoni Zubizarreta who fired Barca want to bring home again Txiki Begiristain. The Spaniard is currently the director of football at the Etihad Stadium, after earlier in the period 2002 to 2010 occupied the same position in Barcelona.

Barca desired third figure of the City is Ferran Soriano. Also Spaniard, Soriano now occupy important positions in the City as Executive President. Soriano has held the vice president and general manager of Barcelona in the period 2003 to 2008.